3 Simple At Home Post Pregnancy Workout

3 Simple At Home Post Pregnancy Workout


at home post pregnancy workout

Stepping into motherhood is certainly the best experience ever. Whenever you hold your little angel in your arms it gives you immense joy like nothing else ever can. Though childbirth brings so much happiness and fills your world with joy but it also is an experience that changes most women physically and mentally. After the nine months of pregnancy, many women find it difficult to get back into shape perhaps because it is tough and also because they are not doing things the right way. So, to get you started and to help you move in the right direction we shall now discuss with you 3 at home post pregnancy workout that has worked for every new mom.


Warm Up


Before starting any exercise routine you need to warm-up, as this helps prevent injury. Get your heart pumping by practicing leg kicks for a minute. After this jog in place for a minute, and then practice jumping jacks for a minute, and you are ready.


1. Side Kicks


Sidekicks target your legs and hips, prevents cellulite, and firms up the glute and hip area.


To practice this exercise you need to stand with your feet at a hip-width distance. Now, lean towards your right and point the left foot. Next, bend your right knee and kick out with full force. Repeat 20 times as fast as possible on both your legs, and perform 2 sets.


2. Wide-Grip Rows


You might have seen that your shoulders have stooped forward or you have a changed posture since childbirth. This perhaps is because of the weight you have carried in your stomach that has had an impact on your muscle and they are not as strong as they earlier were. To get back the right posture you need to practice rows using a resistance band.


To start, you need to sit keeping the band looped around your feet and hold a handle in each of your hands. Keeping your hands in a wide grip position, contract both your shoulder blades while keeping your shoulders down. Pull with full force, perform 15 reps, and practice three sets.


3. Reverse Lunges with Kick


As women easily store more fat around their thighs and midsection it is important to target these areas as part of your at home post pregnancy workout. Reverse lunges are a great exercise as it works your glute muscles and hamstrings, and also reduces stress on your knees.


To start performing this exercise you need to stand with your feet next to each other. Now, step back using one leg, bend both your knees making sure they make a 90-degree angle. Your back and front foot should be straight, and your knees should not go beyond your toes. After stepping back into the lunge, you should kick your back leg forward, and bring your foot back down next to the other, and then switch sides. Perform 10 repetitions, 3 sets, to shape your lower body really fast.


So, these are the three post pregnancy exercises that you can start practicing right from today to get back into shape, to enjoy a better posture, and to feel more energized.

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Source: Fitnessmagazine.com

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