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3 Exercises That Make The Best Workout For Post Pregnancy


he Best Post Pregnancy Workout

Post pregnancy fat can be tough to get rid of. The idea that you have to pull of thousands of crunches to lose the belly fat can be scary! However, you do not need to be scared, science is on your side. It has been observed that doing crunches only exercises the outer abdominal muscles and does not have any effect on the muscles underneath them. This is why crunches are ineffective in toning your ab muscles as your inner muscles are not strengthened. In fact, doing crunches alone and only toning the outer abdominal muscles can worsen your belly bulge. The only way to have toned abs and a flat stomach is by exercising the abdominal muscles from the inside to the outside, as recommended by fitness experts.

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Keeping these facts in mind, several post pregnancy exercises have been designed to help you tone your abs and get a flat stomach as soon as possible. The exercises start by first making you work on toning the transverse, which is the deepest abdominal muscle. The first exercise called the Pelvic Tilt works on this muscle and is recommended for the second week after your delivery. You can start with this one and move towards adopting the next one in your regime as advised until you are doing them all. You should aim to do all the five exercise about three to four times each week. As you progress and master each move, the results will begin to appear. Here are the workouts:

1) The Pelvic-Tilt

Practice this move starting from about a week after the birth of your baby in case you have a vaginal delivery and if you have had a C-section delivery, you should ideally wait at least up to 8 or 10 weeks. For this exercise, you have to first lie flat on your back and keep your knees bent. Place a pillow right under your hips and one more pillow between your knees. Keeping your feet flat and hold your arms at your sides, take a deep breath and then exhale. Then draw your abs muscles in and try to slightly tuck your pelvis under by squeezing your buttocks and do a Kegel. Hold this for five seconds and then release, do these up to ten reps. The primary benefits associated with this exercise, the Pelvic Tilt, include an Improvement in your deep abdominal strength and also your overall stamina.

2) The Pelvic-Bridge

After about six weeks of your delivery date, you can add this move to your routine. First lie flat on your back with your feet apart by about the hip-width and keep your knees bent. Take a deep breath and then exhale while drawing your abs upwards and inwards toward your spine. Next, tilt your pelvis upwards and lift your hips above the floor, moving into a bridge like shape. Finally, lower down slowly to the initial position. Repeat these until five reps and slowly build up to ten reps at a time. The primary benefits associated with this exercise, the pelvic bulge, include the strengthening the transverse muscles, your buttocks as well as your lower back.

3) The Heel Slides

In order to do this, first lie flat on your back and bend your knees, keep your feet at hip-width apart from each other and draw your abs in. Next, flex your left foot by pressing your heels downwards onto the floor. Keep your pelvis absolutely still and take a deep breath and then exhale at the same time using your deeper abdominal muscles to steadily push your left foot’s heel away from your own body, keeping your knee bent slightly. Then slowly return to your initial position. Change sides and do up to five slides on each of the sides, and work your way up to ten reps. The primary benefits associated with the third exercise, the heel slides include the strengthening of your transverse muscles as well as your lower core. It also supports your core. You should practice these three exercises in the given order for up to two more weeks and then add the next move to your exercise regime.

Sticking to an exercise regime of about three to four days a week and practicing these workouts religiously will certainly help you get in your former shape quickly. Hard workers can quickly achieve their body’s former glory within four to six months.

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