Tips For Getting In Shape While Pregnant

Tips For Getting In Shape While Pregnant


Getting In Shape While Pregnant

Weight gain during pregnancy is vital for the health and development of your baby. Therefore, maintaining desirable shape when pregnant should not be aimed at preventing weight gain.

Nevertheless, regular exercises during your pregnancy are essential because the benefits start immediately and extend beyond the pregnancy. You will feel fit throughout your pregnancy and aches and pains that emanate from the pregnancy will be relieved.

Doing exercises that strengthen your abdomen and the pelvic also prepares you safe delivery. Furthermore, regular exercises throughout your pregnancy restore your body to its pre-pregnancy shape and weight after you deliver. However, it is imperative to consult your health care provider before embarking on or continuing with fitness program. This is in order to ensure that your workouts while pregnant will be risk free for both you and your unborn child. Normally, there are various steps of getting in shape while pregnant and at the same time ensuring that you maintain the necessary weight gain during your pregnancy. The steps include the following;

#Step one: Make a fitness programĀ 

Start by making a fitness program which should be approved by your health care provider. The familiar exercises you can include in your plan are: swimming, walking, jogging, running, aerobics and yoga. These common exercises are considered safe whether you are continuing or starting them during your pregnancy. Experts regard swimming as one of the safest exercises which not only boosts your fitness but also support your body weight.

Step Two: Warm up before your workouts

After making your fitness plan, you should ensure that you warm up before starting your workout routine. You may walk for a couple of minutes or do vital exercises such as stretching your calves, neck and shoulders. Basically, the warm-up should last for at least five minutes. After the exercises, you should also take a few minutes to cool down.

#Step Three: Do exercises aimed at strengthening your abdominal and pelvic muscles

Perform exercises such as kegels, pelvic floor stretches, and abdominal exercises daily. These exercises strengthen your stomach and pelvic muscles thus helping you to prepare for delivery. Additionally, abdominal and pelvic exercises improve bladder control during your pregnancy.

#Step four- Maintain a regular workout schedule

It is necessary to maintain a regular workout schedule while getting in shape during pregnancy. In case you did regular exercises prior to your pregnancy, go on with the schedule provided that you feel ok and you doctors allows. If you are starting to exercise while pregnant, you should begin it in a simpler way after talking with your physician. For instance, you can start with just five minutes of exercise in a day and increase by five minutes every week up to when you can exercise regularly for half an hour in a day.

Getting In Shape While Pregnant

#Step Five- Consume additional calories every day

As mentioned earlier, you need appropriate weight gain for the health and development of your baby. As you exercise to get in shape, you lose some calories and hence the need to replace them. You should therefore take between 300 and 500 calories every day or as advised by your doctor.

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