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Importance Of Post Pregnancy Exercise And How To Get Started


post pregnancy exercise


While there is no doubt that pregnancy followed by childbirth is one of the most momentous event in a woman’s life, quite often getting back into shape is a problem for her. In a world where looks and appearances to do matter a lot, getting back into shape and have an adorable figure is becoming extremely important. It is but normal for women to go a bit out of shape after delivery but there are many ways and means by which things can be corrected. Today there are a number of post pregnancy exercise options available and we will learn more about it over the next few lines.


Advantages Of Such Exercises

It has proven that choosing the right post pregnancy exercise can help in weight loss because of the following reasons:

Regular exercise after pregnancy can:

Help in rapid weight loss provided it is supported by regulated calorie intake.

Give more strength and tone up the abdominal levels.

Play a big role in increasing the fitness levels of the heart and improve cardiovascular functioning.

Also help a lot in boosting and giving a push to energy levels.

Can also help in relieving and reducing stress levels.

Help in getting better quality of sleep.

Apart from the above it has been found that improved physical activity with the help of the right post pregnancy exercise regimens could also be a good way to set a positive example to the child as it grows up. A mother is the best teacher for a baby and therefore a good teacher is expected to set examples for others to follow.

How It Can Help Breast Feeding

There are a few women who believe that exercising immediately after pregnancy could have a negative impact on the breasting feeding of the newborn child. This is wrong because exercise does not deplete composition or volume of breast milk. On the other hand it could help in augmenting the secretion of breast milk by activating certain hormone. The composition of breast milk could also improve.


However one should avoid vigorous exercise because it perhaps could lead to higher secretion of lactic acid which could slightly alter the taste of the milk and make it sour. However, such instances are very rare and few and far between.

You Could Make Some Slight Changes

If the doctor feels that you should opt for vigorous exercise during the initial months of breastfeeding, you could make some changes. You could consider breastfeeding the baby before the workout. You also could pump the breast milk and store it before workout. The same milk can be given to the baby post the workout. You also could look into the option of exercising and then taking a shower. You could pump out a small quantity of milk and breastfeed the child after 30 or4 40 minutes.

When To Start Workouts

If you have had a normal vaginal delivery, it would be okay to start exercising within a few days. You must feel ready and comfortable and that is what matters. If you have delivered the baby through C-section, or have undergone significant vaginal repair or suffered by complicated delivery, you must get into touch with your healthcare provider and follow his/her advice.

What Should The Goals Be

If your health is normal, the Department of Health & Nutrition & Human Services recommends that you spend at least 150 minutes a week or aerobic activity and it should be of moderate intensity. You should try and spread the 150 minutes across the week rather than concentrating on a few days of the week. A few more points must be kept in mind.

You must pay importance to warming up and cooling down. You must start slowly and pick up pace gradually at your comfortable pace. It also is important to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids. It is also suggested that you must wear a supportive bra. You could also think of wearing nursing pads if you find that your breasts are leaking. You must not exercise if you feel pain in any part of the body or if you are uncomfortable.

Which Exercises To Try

Starting with a low impact and simple exercise like walking is the best way to start. If you need company, you could join a suitable postpartum exercise sessions in a local gym or in a community center. You also could consider doing these specific exercises subject to your health care provider okaying it:


Pelvic Tilt

This exercise could be helpful in strengthening abdominal muscles. It is simple and not be difficult to do. It requires lying on the back on the floor. The knees should be bent. The back should be against the floor. You could tighten your abdominal muscles and bend the pelvis up gradually. You must hold it for 10 seconds. It should be repeated around five times and should have 10 to 20 repetitions.


Kegal Exercise

This is a great exercise for toning pelvic floor muscles and they help give better support to the uterus, rectum, small intestine and bladder. You must contract the pelvic floor muscles. It could be akin to your effort at stopping urinating midway. You must hold it for 10 seconds and then release. The relaxing phase should also be for 10 seconds. You must try and look to achieve 3 such sets of contractions and relaxation each day. When urinating, the exercise should not be done.

Barriers To Overcome

Caring for the newborn and devoting time for exercise can be a problem. There also could be hormonal changes which could bring changes to you emotionally. You may feel tired for full day’s workout. The secret lies in not giving up. You must take the help of your partner, friends and family. You could take your friend’s help and stay on course. You could have your child beside you in a stroller or pram while doing these exercises.



At the end of the day there is no doubt that post pregnancy exercise is not easy. However, once you are into it, you will be able to see the difference. Your energy levels are bound to increase and you will be able to manage your newborn baby better in all aspects.

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