A Beginners Guide to Post Natal Exercise To Reduce Tummy and Back in Shape After Giving Birth

March 12, 2017 robin

It’s no secret that many people dream about a flat and elastic stomach. Without it, unfortunately, you cannot have a really beautiful and tight figure.

To achieve the goal, women are ready to use various creams and means, take debilitating diets and even buy highly advertised belts for the belly. But the result will be minimal.

And the whole secret is that you can really tighten your stomach only with a help of special exercises that strengthen your muscles and eliminate excess weight around your waist.


How to Tighten Belly after Pregnancy

The question of how to tighten the belly after childbirth worries almost every new mom. In this case, you should follow these recommendations:

– Make daily walks briskly (at least 20 minutes per a day).

– Be sure to wear a postnatal bandage.

– Try to sleep on your stomach, which contributes to a prompt reduction of the uterus.

– Perform a simple exercise with your baby: put it on your chest or legs and slowly get up, holding baby this way.

– Constantly draw in the belly, try to maintain in this position. The first result will be visible in a few weeks.

– Massage your problem zones by directing a stream of water. You can use either warm or cold water.

The 2 Week Diet

It is also important to remember that it is possible to begin physical exercises as early as 6 weeks after the natural birth that has passed without pathologies, and 3 months after cesarean section.

Secrets of Exercise Effectiveness in Home Conditions

Without a doubt, you can restore your belly to an attractive appearance only through hard work, but for this purpose, it is not necessary to go to the gym every day.

There are many significant advantages of home-based training, among which, for example, is the opportunity to save time and money or conduct daily training on a personal schedule.

Performing any set of exercises for tightening tummy should be preceded by a warm-up, which provides the necessary warming up of the muscles. In principle, it can be absolutely any movements, for example, dancing or jumping rope.

Skin Tightening in the Problem Area

Improve a tone of the skin around your belly can help any exercises aimed at strengthening the press. But the most effective are the following exercises:

– Do this exercise in any position: standing, sitting or lying. Having exhaled, it is necessary to hold your breath for a few seconds, while drawing in your stomach as much as possible. Then follows a deep inhalation. This exercise tightens skin and strengthens the muscles and helps to reduce the uterus after pregnancy.

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– “Cat.” Stand on all fours, tilt your head and arch your back (out of here is the name of the exercise). This state, you need to maintain for 8-10 seconds, then take a deep breath and straighten up.

– “The Plank.” Take “lying down” position, placing your body parallel to the floor. Hands and feet should remain straight, which allows you to keep all muscles in tension. At first, the exercise is performed within 10-20 seconds, but gradually the time should be increased to 2 minutes.

– Stand on all fours, strain your tummy muscles. Having exhaled, simultaneously straighten the right arm and left leg so that they form a straight line. Hold for 3 seconds, then exhale and take the starting position. Repeat the exercise with the left hand and right foot.

Exercises for Normalizing Stomach and Torso

There is a mass of effective exercises that can make your belly and torso beautiful and fit. The most popular of them are:

– Lying on the floor, put your hands behind your head, legs bend at your knees, and put your feet on the floor. Raising your head from the floor, try to reach with your right elbow to left knee, and then vice versa. Exercise is designed to strengthen the muscles of belly.

– In a standing position (legs on the shoulders width) perform right-to-left inclinations.

– Post natal exercise to reduce tummy “Mill”. Standing on the floor, tilt your body forward so you can reach on your feet fingers. This gymnastic exercise is useful for press, lateral muscles and strengthening of the back.

– Take the “standing” position and, holding to edge of the table, perform alternately swings with each foot back and forward. The legs must be straight, and the feet should be raised as high as possible.

Strengthening of the Bottom Press

The lower part of tummy is the most problematic zone, and in order to restore its attractive appearance, you have to work harder. The most effective are such exercises:

– Lie on your back and lift straight legs in such a way that the shoulders and spine do not come off the floor.

– Bend your legs, bring them together and alternately lower them.

– Lie on your back, bend your knees, and put your feet on the floor. Better your press by lifting the torso on 90% angle.

Gymnastics with hula-hoop

Torsion of the hoop or hula-hoop can significantly increase blood circulation and tighten the belly muscles, which have lost their elasticity. Thanks to this, the amount of accumulated fat begins to decrease, and the figure becomes cherished.

The most suitable for such gymnastics are rollers or suckers, but to achieve the goals, for training should be given at least 15 minutes.Of course, the first days of training will be quite difficult, many people after using hula-hoop even have bruises on the body. But in a couple of weeks, the positive result will be obvious.

That is why torsion of the hoop is rightfully considered one of the most effective exercises for tightening a belly.

Post Natal Workout 4

When to Expect the First Results?

With the right approach, workouts can bring the first notable results fairly quickly. In two weeks the muscles will become firmer, and the stomach will begin to decrease in its size. And a month later, these changes will be so obvious that the transformed outlines of the figure cannot be overlooked.

But, in order that all these bright prospects become a reality, the exercises should be conducted regularly, and not occasionally.

And, of course, having achieved the first results, don’t stop the training, otherwise the problem of a sagging tummy can return pretty quickly.

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